Some more useful undocumented OEM 12c repository tables/views

As mentioned in a previous post, MGMT_ECM_HW contains a wealth of information about hosts in OEM.

The problem is that CLOCK_FREQ_IN_MHZ column in MGMT_ECM_HW is not properly populated. All hosts had the value of 100 there – an obvious mistake.

That prompted me to do a search through the OEM repository objects. This is what I found:

MGMT_ECM_HW_CPU is similar to MGMT_ECM_HW, but FREQ_IN_MHZ column is properly populated. No need to parse descriptions to get the CPU’s speed

MGMT_ECM_HW_NIC – lots of information about network cards

MGMT_ECM_OS – OS related information

MGMT_ECM_HW_IOCARD – information about IO peripheral devices


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