Hotsos Symposium 2013 continued

During my presentation at Hotsos 2013, an attendee questioned my statement that each filter/selection predicate contributes to the overall cardinality error. She believed that only the predicate with the maximum error mattered.

I believe the following paper supports my position:

I got the Hotsos 2013 “Speaker scoring and verbatim comments” information a couple of weeks ago.

I am happy that the presentation was very well received!!!

Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate all your comments. They would not only making  this presentation better, but also improve my skills as a speaker.

Here are some of the comments:

This was an intriguing   session, but I left feeling like there was still much more to be said on the   subject.

There is indeed much more to be said. The problem with digging deeper in the subject is that it gets quite academic and might be less interesting for the audience. The article I mentioned earlier in the post, as well as Ioannidis Y. And S. Christodoulakis (1991) paper cited in the reference can be a good starting point for further research.

is this accurate, did Maria review this info?

Good question 🙂

I am not sure who reviewed the paper before the presentation, but I believe that Maria Colgan was in audience. I too will be very interested in her feedback…

He spent a lot of time talking about Terradata, The package he showed seemed way to simplistic to be of any real practical use. He did show some creative ideas on solving some issues, however there wasn’t a real example to show how to do what he purposed.

The package is quite limited for most practical uses. It was intended to be for “demonstration purposes only”.

Fair point about examples though. I’ll try to publish some examples in this blog in the coming months. Stay tuned…


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