Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c is here. Let’s look under the hood!

May 18, 2012

There are many great features in the new OEMCC 12c, and probably as many great presentations or blog posts about them.

This post is not about a particular new feature, it is about the internal OEMCC 12c repository structures and how to make use of them. Most, if not all, of OEM 10g/11g repository views are still present and used by OEMCC12c . Also, all the ideas and techniques I presented earlier (presentation, white paper) are still conceptually valid.

The way the structures are populated, however, can be slightly different. User Defined Metrics (UDMs) functionality is totally overhauled in OEM 12c. The new Metrics Extensions provide a flexible, structured and efficient mechanism for creating custom metrics. The new functionality now populates Metric_Name column in mgmt$metric_current with the Metric Extension name; prior versions simply inserted the hardcoded “SQLUDM” value.  Metric_Column column in mgmt$metric_current exhibits the same pattern – in OEM 12c one can populate it with a custom value, while in prior versions it always contained a pre-defined strings ( ‘StrValue’).

The good news is that all reports and queries discussed in my presentation and white paper are still valid, except for the previously mentioned UDM/Metrics Extension change.  It took my just a couple of hours to move all custom OEM repository structures, including the advanced tablespace forecasting, to the new 12c OEM.

This is what needs to be changed in the ForcedLoggingAlert UDM/ Metrics Extension to work with Metrics Extensions:

and   not exists (

           mgmt$metric_current i
           i.target_guid           = o.member_target_guid
     and   metric_name             =  ‘ME$ForcedLogging’
     and   column_label            = 'ForcedLogging'
     and   Metric_Column           = ‘ForcedLogging’
     and   collection_timestamp    > sysdate - 20/1440
      and   value                   = 'YES‘

Where ‘ME$ForcedLogging’  is the name of the Metrics Extension and ‘ForcedLogging’ is the specified metric column.