A mistake in my presentation on OEM Repository (March 2011 NYOUG ).

Special thanks to Wayne Taylor for pointing out a mistake I made on page 6 in my presentation Unleash the Value of the Data in Your OEM Repository. A corrected and slightly extended version of the presentation can be found here.

 The following clause “to_char(rollup_timestamp,’DAY’) not in (‘SATURDAY’,’SUNDAY’)” does not have the desired effect.

 The correct clause would be “to_char(rollup_timestamp,’FMDAY’) not in (‘SATURDAY’,’SUNDAY’)”.

I actually use “to_char(rollup_timestamp,’D’) not in (1,7)”, but decided to include something more user-friendly for the presentation without much testing…

On a separate note – the documentation for the OEM Repository table/view structures for OEM 11g are now available – http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E11857_01/em.111/e12135/toc.htm . It appears that all structures in OEM 10g are present in 11g as well. That means that we can move any custom views and packages built for OEM 10g without much effort.


2 Responses to A mistake in my presentation on OEM Repository (March 2011 NYOUG ).

  1. Murali says:

    How do we generate list of all the schema in all the databases

    • iiotzov says:

      Hi Murali ,

      I am not aware of any OEM repository table or view that contains schema(DB user) information.
      Also, I do not think that extended metrics (along with LISTAGG/WM_CONCAT) are suitable mechanisms for a DIY solution because of size restrictions (4000 characters).

      Sorry I cannot help you,

      Iordan Iotzov

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